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005 Series (Mini Size) Modular Valves
01 Series (CETOP 3) Modular Valves
03 Series (CETOP 5) Modular Valves
06 Series (CETOP 8) Modular Valves
10 Series (CETOP 10) Modular Valves
 005 Series (Mini Size) Modular Valves




 Mini Size Modular Valve
MBP-005 Relief 15 ℓ/min * 250 bar --
MRP-005 Reducing --
MSA-005 Throttle & Check pdf catalogue
MSB-005 Throttle & Check
MSW-005 Throttle & Check
MPA-005 Pilot Check pdf catalogue
MPB-005 Pilot Check
MPW-005 Pilot Check
MCP-005 Check --
MDC-005 Blanking Plate --
MMC-005 Subplate - 250 bar pdf catalogue
MBK-005 Bolt  Kit - - pdf catalogue
note: These series has upgrade to 15 ℓ/min since year 2004
 01 Series (CETOP 3) Modular Valves


 CETOP 3 Modular Valve

MBP-01 Relief 35 ℓ/min 315 bar pdf catalogue
MBA-01 Relief
MBB-01 Relief
MRP-01 Reducing pdf catalogue
MRA-01 Reducing
MRB-01 Reducing
MBR-01 Brake pdf catalogue

MHP-01 Sequence 35 ℓ/min 315 bar pdf catalogue
MHA-01 Counterbalance
MHB-01 Counterbalance
MJP-01 Pressure Switch pdf catalogue
MJA-01 Pressure Switch
MJB-01 Pressure Switch


MFP-01 Flow Control 35 ℓ/min 315 bar pdf catalogue
MFA-01 Flow Control
MFB-01 Flow Control
MFW-01 Flow Control
MSTA-01 Flow Control pdf catalogue
MSTB-01 Flow Control
MSTW-01 Flow Control
MSP-01 Throttle pdf catalogue

MSCP-01 Check & Throttle 35 ℓ/min 315 bar pdf catalogue
MSA-01 Throttle & Check pdf catalogue
MSB-01 Throttle & Check
MSW-01 Throttle & Check
MCP-01 Check pdf catalogue
MCT-01 Check
MAC-01 Anti-Cavitations pdf catalogue

MPA-01 Pilot Check 35 ℓ/min 315 bar pdf catalogue
MPB-01 Pilot Check
MPW-01 Pilot Check
MDC-01 Blanking Plate pdf catalogue
MDS-01 Tapping Plate pdf catalogue
MMC-01 Subplates pdf catalogue
MBK-01 Bolt Kit  - - pdf catalogue
 03 Series (CETOP 5) Modular Valves


 CETOP 5 Modular Valve

MBP-03 Relief 70 ℓ/min 250 bar pdf catalogue
MBA-03 Relief
MBB-03 Relief
MBW-03 Relief
MRP-03 Reducing pdf catalogue
MRA-03 Reducing
MRB-03 Reducing
MRLP-03 Reducing pdf catalogue
MRLA-03 Reducing
MRLB-03 Reducing

MHP-03 Sequence 70 ℓ/min 250 bar pdf catalogue
MHA-03 Counterbalance
MHB-03 Counterbalance
MFP-03 Flow Control pdf catalogue
MFA-03 Flow Control
MFB-03 Flow Control
MFW-03 Flow Control
MSTA-03 Flow Control pdf catalogue
MSTB-03 Flow Control
MSTW-03 Flow Control

MSP-03 Throttle 70 ℓ/min 250 bar pdf catalogue
MSCP-03 Check & Throttle pdf catalogue
MSA-03 Throttle & Check pdf catalogue
MSB-03 Throttle & Check
MSW-03 Throttle & Check
MCP-03 Check pdf catalogue
MCA-03 Check
MCB-03 Check
MCT-03 Check
MAC-03 Anti-Cavitations pdf catalogue

MPA-03 Pilot Check 70 ℓ/min 250 bar pdf catalogue
MPB-03 Pilot Check
MPW-03 Pilot Check
MDC-03 Blanking Plate pdf catalogue
MDS-03 Tapping Plate pdf catalogue
MMC-03 Subplates pdf catalogue
MBK-03 Bolt Kit  - - pdf catalogue
 06 Series (CETOP 8) Modular Valves


 CETOP 8 Modular Valve
MRP-06 Reducing 500 ℓ/min 250 bar pdf catalogue
MRA-06 Reducing
MRB-06 Reducing
MSA-06 Throttle & Check pdf catalogue
MSB-06 Throttle & Check
MSW-06 Throttle & Check
MPA-06 Pilot Check pdf catalogue
MPB-06 Pilot Check
MPW-06 Pilot Check
MBK-06 Bolt Kit  - - pdf catalogue
 10 Series (CETOP 10) Modular Valves


 CETOP 10 Modular Valve
MRP-10 Reducing 800 ℓ/min 250 bar pdf catalogue
MRA-10 Reducing
MRB-10 Reducing
MSA-10 Throttle & Check pdf catalogue
MSB-10 Throttle & Check
MSW-10 Throttle & Check
MPA-10 Pilot Check pdf catalogue
MPB-10 Pilot Check
MPW-10 Pilot Check
MBK-10 Bolt Kit - - pdf catalogue

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